Do Democracy Differently

G1000 AssemblyA G1000 is an innovative approach to understanding the wishes and desires of a community. It brings a randomly-selected group of residents together for one day to prioritise policy areas and develop concrete proposals to address them. The UK's first G1000 will be held in Cambridge in 2018.

Local politicians, civil servants, employers and members of civil society are also invited to attend and participate on the day, as equals, with the randomly selected residents. At the end of the day ten proposals are chosen to be carried forward by groups of volunteers, in coordination with councillors and other interested parties.

The aim is for a truly representative sample of 1000 people to gather, deliberate with each other in a respectful environment, and decide together what is best for their communities. It is a way to strengthen communities and get people involved in realising and implementing their own ideas for their community. It's a way to do democracy differently.

We have been inspired by the Belgian G1000 and the Dutch G1000 and we are planning to hold a G1000 in Cambridge in 2018, and use it as a launchpad for a series of UK G1000s.

We are now meeting weekly to progress this exciting project. Please join us to help us organise the event, or contact us if you have any questions or ideas.


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